Series: Witness Bowls

On a trip to Mexico City, near Easter-time, I learned about the Shrines of Sorrow. Temporary shrines scattered all around the city. Some were epically flamboyant, others were relatively humble, yet they all beautifully honored Mary as witness to her son. I’d never been exposed to this perspective on Easter. Honestly, Easter in my non-church-going family was about Spring and egg decorating and rabbits in charming outfits. Of course, I knew that for many it was about Christ and his resurrection. These shrines pulled me away from the focus on Christ and expanded my awareness to those around him — those who loved him and had to witness what he went through while practicing his teaching of non-judgement. I found this perspective, and the sincere empathy for Mary-as-mother that would be required by the creators of these shrines, deeply moving and incredibly important. When I returned home I started making molds with an eye pattern and imagery that, to me, spoke of the transcending power of bearing witness. I had no plan when I started. I just started making them, then slowly realized what they were.

Porcelain, various sizes

Process: Clay is rolled into a slab, then formed using hand-made molds. Imagery is made with hand-cut stencils and layers of underglaze. Bowls are bisque fired, glazed, and fired again at cone 6.