The Dream

(a 2018 rant, inspired by a new president and the belief that no matter what “side” we are on, we are all responsible. As within, so without.)

You are fast asleep

And this is your dream

You dream of a soft rain falling on your skin

It feels like a touch from the grandmother you never met

A grandmother who would look deeply into your eyes with so much compassion

A grandmother whose hugs were filled with so much love and acceptance

You feel you have a true place in this world

In her heart

Nothing is more real than living in another’s heart

Nothing is more real than allowing someone to live in yours

This feeling is the same feeling the rock sitting in your front yard has for you

It’s the same feeling the tree holds for you as you lean against its bark and enjoy its shade

It is in the pool of water after the rain, which compels you to jump and make a splash

That mountain you climb

Loves you

The ocean that you swim

Loves you

But you are fast asleep

You don’t feel it or see it

It comes to you in dreams

And because it is a dream, you think it’s not real

But it is the only thing that is real

Wake up

Wake from your slumber of ambition and status

Wake up from the belief that it’s a dog eat dog world

Wake up from the fear that you will never have enough

These beliefs were taught to you by sick minds

Minds that want to control, oppress and even kill

Minds that believe money and power are everything

Wake up

and live your greatest dream.

Seed Vision…

What if there was a seed. A strange and beautiful seed, evolved to survive over so much time. A seed that could fly, float, roll, flutter or even sit – perfectly still. A magic seed that, if it had the opportunity to germinate, would heal any wound. Whether it be a broken bone, a broken heart or a broken culture.

What if this seed exists in each and every one of us. Dormant, waiting to be found.